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Resources Committee* (Chair Fiona Cape)

Jonathan Patterson (GB Chair)

Ann Golding (Head Teacher)

Nick Aziz

Tim Yendell (Building & Site Lead)

Don Jayasinghe (Marketing Lead)

Deepankar Das

(Finance Lead to be confirmed)

* subset of this will comprise Audit Committee


Achievement Committee* (Chair Fiona Bratt)

Jonathan Patterson (GB Chair)

Ann Golding (Head Teacher)

Nick Aziz (Vice Chair)

Fiona Cape

Don Jayasinghe

Mohit Aiyar

Claire Darbourne

Alastair Taylor


GB structure:


2 committees as shown.


Remit of committees:


Functions of the Achievement Committee
· To review, monitor and evaluate the curriculum offer.
· To recommend for approval to the full Governing Body the:
- Self-evaluation form
- School Improvement Plan
- Targets for school improvement.
· To monitor and evaluate rates of progress and standards of achievement by pupils,
including any underachieving group.
· To set priorities for improvement, and monitor and evaluate the impact of improvement
plans which relate to achievement.
· To develop and review policies identified within the school’s policy review programme and
in accordance with its delegated powers (e.g. sex education and pupil behaviour/discipline).
· To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and management.
· To monitor and evaluate the impact of quality of teaching on rates of pupil progress and
standards of achievement.
· To monitor and evaluate the impact of continuing professional development on improving
staff performance
· To monitor and evaluate provision for all groups of vulnerable children (e.g. looked after
children) and ensure all their needs have been identified and addressed, and to evaluate
their progress and achievement.
· To ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met, as laid out in the
Code of Practice, and receive termly reports from the Headteacher/SENCo and an annual
report from the SEN governor.
· To support the identification and celebration of pupil achievements.
· To keep under review the extracurricular offer and oversee arrangements for educational
visits, including the appointment of a named co-ordinator.
· To regularly review and develop the Teaching and Learning Policy and to ensure that the
policy is operating effectively.
· To consider recommendations from external reviews of the school (e.g. Ofsted or local
school improvement advisers), agree actions as a result of reviews and evaluate regularly
the implementation of the plan.
· To ensure that all children have equal opportunities.
· To advise the resources committee on the relative funding priorities necessary to deliver
the curriculum.
· In consultation with the Headteacher, to advise the Governing Body on any matter relating
to religious education or collective worship, or to sex education.
· To receive an annual report on pupil attendance.
Monitoring will be carried out through Governor visits, observations, discussion with staff and
pupils, meetings with appropriate staff and reports from staff and Headteacher.


Purpose of the Resources Committee (from the Terms of Reference)


To assist the decision making of the Governing Body, by enabling more detailed consideration to be given to the best means of fulfilling the Governing Body's responsibility to ensure sound management of the academy’s finances and resources, including proper planning, monitoring and probity.


The following functions are delegated to the Committee: 


  • Financial policy and planning
  • Financial monitoring
  • Premises
  • Pay & Personnel
  • Marketing & Publicity

  • Highfield Junior School,
  • South Hill Road,
  • Shortlands,
  • Bromley,
  • Kent,
  • BR2 0RL,
  • 0208 460 25 97