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School Council Achievement Report 2017


Our school councillors this year have done a fantastic job!

They have been mature and responsible throughout, really demonstrating all of our Highfield values. The children have acted as advocates for their peers, listening to their suggestions and discussing their feasibility.

Their journey started in September, when each child gave a speech explaining why they would be a good fit for the role. After being elected by their class, the school councillors were lucky enough to enjoy a visit to Parliament, where they had a tour and learnt more about democracy in the UK. They put their deeper understanding of British values to use in their discussions during our monthly meetings, making sure they showed respect for the beliefs of their peers.

In October, the school councillors had a chance to meet with a representative from the NSPCC to discuss fundraising ideas. They thought carefully and considered many options, and eventually chose to have a dance-a-thon for the whole school to raise money. This was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, raising lots of money for a great cause in the process.

In November, representatives from Nourish, our catering company, came to speak to the school councillors to get some feedback on our school lunches. The councillors had previously spoken to their classes and came prepared with their peers’ thoughts and suggestions on how to make our lunches even better. The representatives were very impressed with the children’s thoughtful suggestions and they were happy to make changes and improvements to better meet the needs of our school.

In January, school council launched a travel safety poster competition as a response to suggestions from children about improving road safety around our school. They explained in assembly the need for pedestrians and drivers to use the roads with caution, and encouraged their peers to think carefully and make good safety choices when coming to and leaving school.

In March, the school councillors researched new playground equipment to look for suitable games to be installed on the playground. With the help of one of our governors, they considered the options carefully and tried to make sure that their choices appealed to as many children as possible. We were very grateful for their good suggestions.

In May, the councillors gave more detailed feedback on the pupil voice survey. They spoke on behalf of their peers and were able to discuss the survey questions at length, giving us a better understanding of their feelings about school life. Their thoughtful comments gave us a lot to think about and helped shape our plans for continuing to improve Highfield next year.


In all that they have done this year, the school councillors have been fantastic ambassadors for Highfield. They have gained a lot from their experiences and they will be able to use the skills they have developed in future. Thank you to all the children who have taken on the role this year.



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