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Whilst there are many benefits to Children using technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones, please remain very aware that there are risks.

Children need to learn ways they can take care of their own safety and security, but they are still very young so great vigilance is required. It is imperative that as a parent/carer any child’s usage of the Internet and, if they have them, mobile phones is closely monitored.


At Highfield we aim to develop skills and attitudes that will help the children function as positively and as safely as possible using technology. Below are some useful documents and website links to help further with this, this includes setting up and enabling online parental settings.


Here are some links with advice on how to manage your child's online activities in a safe way.


Internet Matters - an independent, not-for-profit organisation to help parents keep their children safe online including setting up parental controls


Digital Parenting Magazine a useful website or download the magazine here


Stop Bullying - a US based government website with advice on How to report bullying


National Crime Agency 




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