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Welcome to the Geography Page

At Highfield, we believe that high-quality geography education should inspire your child with a curiosity and sense of wonder about our world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Geography at Highfield focuses on children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. The exciting topics chosen promote a progressive range of skills and knowledge that are taught year on year. 

Our curriculum aims to equip your child with knowledge about how places and landscapes are formed and the interaction between physical and human processes; deepen their understanding of how people and their environments interact; and understand how a diverse range of societies and environments are interconnected. 

As your child progresses through the Junior School, they are encouraged to carry out increasingly complex enquiry, carry out investigations, analyse and evaluate findings, and propose solutions to environmental problems. Fieldwork is essential and we enjoy exciting field trips to a variety of places to experience geography in action (e.g. wading into a river with wellies to conduct a river study!). We develop pupils' competence in specific geographical skills including map work and use of technology such as GIS (geographical information systems). 

The teaching of geography builds on your child’s own experiences and helps them to face the challenges that will shape our societies and environments at the local, national and global scales.  


Please see below for details of the National Curriculum for Geography, which we adhere to.


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