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Welcome to the Maths page.


At Highfield mathematics is taught daily. We follow the National Curriculum which was introduced in September 2014, when there were a number of changes.


Some Highlights of the Changes were


  • Larger numbers were introduced earlier than previously.
  • Times Tables are to be known fully (12x12) by end of Y4.
  • Formal written methods for calculations were to be introduced earlier.
  • Standard units of measurement were to be introduced earlier.
  • Probability left the Primary Curriculum.
  • There is a huge focus on fractions.
  • Roman numerals are to be taught in Years 3, 4 and 5 (up to M).
  • Shape, Space & Measure renamed as ‘Geometry – position and direction’ and ‘Geometry – properties of shapes’, along with ‘Measurement’.
  • No separate strand for problem solving.


Please take the time to look at our documents listed below. This will ensure your child's continued learning between school and home.

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