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More Able and Talented Children at Highfield Junior School


At Highfield Junior School, we aim to help children develop their skills and abilities intellectually, physically and creatively. All children, including more able and talented children, have opportunities which enable them to maximise their potential, achieve success in their work and relationships, and encourage them to value their own and others’ achievements. Children are challenged and encouraged to develop their learning in greater depth and apply their knowledge to solving problems and investigating possibilities.

We aim to:

• Encourage all children to become independent learners.
• Create an inclusive ethos where high achievement in all areas is celebrated and where children feel good about achieving excellence. 
• Offer opportunities for more able children to work independently.
• Involve children in decisionā€making, for example as members of the School Council.
• Support the effective transition of more able and talented children to the next stage of education.
• Promote celebration of achievements both in and out of school.

To achieve this:

• We create a challenging and engaging curriculum which encourages independent thought and learning.  Through the use of TASC (Thinking in a Social Context) and Philosophy for Children we provide opportunities for learners to develop, research and evaluate their own ideas.  Where possible, children are encouraged to follow their own lines of enquiry.
• We celebrate the abilities and achievements of children in and out of school though our whole school assemblies, writing superstars display and our school newsletter.
• We ensure that children with particular talents and abilities can apply for a variety of roles which develop and celebrate these strengths eg Language Leader, Digital Leaders, School Council member, House Captains and Sports Captains, Librarians.  In addition, there are several sports squads which children can participate in and regular inter-school matches are arranged.  Specialist coaching is provided for some sports.
• Musicians are encouraged to perform in our school assemblies.  In addition, a specialist music teacher runs a general school choir as well as an auditioned Chamber Choir.
• The annual talent show, class assemblies and school productions are an opportunity to challenge, extend and celebrate our talented singers, dancers and actors.
• Specialist music provision is provided through peripatetic music teachers and the Band on the Run project run by BYMT; as a result we have a thriving school band, flute choir and string group.
• Special projects and competitions are offered regularly.  This includes Headteacher challenges, reading challenges, art projects to support our local community, Black History Month projects and creative writing competitions – both local and national.


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