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Year 6 Soundtrap Playlist


 Listen to the music that our Year 6 children have composed on Soundtrap (a digital audio workstation). Using this software, children can compose, produce, record, mix and edit audio. 


Switcher by Kitty

Kitty takes us on a musical journey using loops. Starting upbeat, this song wouldn't be out of place in a club! As we dance along we are led into different sound worlds, ending with a calm melody as our journey reaches an end.

Ella's Song

Ella has used loops to create this haunting song. She is working on a melody and lyrics and her inspiration is Billie Eilish!

Darcie and Zlata

Composed using loops, Darcie and Zlata's song takes you into a magical world. This could be used in a fantasy film.

At Peace by Vincent

Vincent explores a range of drum beats in this song.

Reuben's Loops

Outer Wilds Theme Re-mixed(ish) by Ella

Ella listened to the theme music from the Outer Wilds video game and learnt to play it on the keyboard. She then recorded it on Soundtrap and added harmonies and an amazing fire crackling sound effect!

Dr Who Themes 

Before lockdown the children analysed the Dr Who Theme and re-mixed it using Soundtrap. They learnt how to play the iconic bass-line and added their version of the melody. Then it was up to them to add in Sci-fi sounds! 

Micky and Reuben

Lucas and Nathanial

Rhys and Adrian

Techno Beats (get ready to dance!)

In lockdown, children have been composing their own Techno music from scratch. They begin by laying down 3 tracks of drum beats (bass, snare and hi-hat) and then create a bass-line using the notes from an E minor scale. Then they add melodies, electronic sounds and drum fills. This is Maya's track.

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