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Am I a Monster? Choir Summer Performance

For the fifth year in a row 200 members of Highfield Junior Voices, Highfield Youth Choir and the Highfield Community Choir came together on 15th June to perform songs from musical theatre to a packed audience at Langley Park School for Boys.

This year’s theme ‘Am I a Monster?’ explored the many different kinds of monsters who frequent musicals from the murderous Sweeney Todd and the Phantom of the Opera to the kooky Addams Family, the grumpy ogre, Shrek, the Beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

The Highfield Community Choir began the show in fog-filled Victorian London, performing a medley of songs from Sweeney Todd. Telling the tale of the murderous barber who bakes his victims in pies, Sondheim’s music is notoriously challenging. The choir, dressed in black with splashes of red to symbolise the blood of the victims, performed with great dramatic flair, managing the tricky harmonies with vocal dexterity. In the second half, the choir returned to sing the 1960s inspired Little Shop of Horrors. The man-eating plant made a special appearance as a funk-singing Elvis accompanied by a full voiced choir; there were certainly no shrinking violets on stage!

The Youth Choir performed a medley of songs from the Phantom of the Opera. Classical in style, this music challenged the girls to use the higher registers of their voices, and the result was an incredibly beautiful, pure sound. Lyrical melodies aplenty, the medley was not complete without a dramatic rendition of the famous theme of the Phantom of the Opera. The Youth Choir later demonstrated that they can also sing in a full musical-theatre style in the songs ‘Pulled’ and ‘Monster’.

The Highfield Junior Voices took to the stage as The Addams Family in the first half. Note-perfect and tightly choreographed they performed a selection of songs about the ghoulish family with great enthusiasm. There is nothing more thrilling than watching 130 little monsters all singing their hearts out! One of the highlights here was theChamber Choir performing the song ‘What If’. This moving song had quite an effect on the audience particularly when the harmony kicked in. The choir’s performance of a Beauty and the Beast medley in the second half contained all the drama of the story and ended with a beautiful rendition of the famous theme sung in two parts.

We were delighted to welcome the Flute Choir to the show. Led by Lizzie Grayson, the 18 strong flautists performed The Addams Family theme in 6 parts. It is unlikely that there is any other school in the country with such an accomplished (and large) flute choir!

For the first time ever, the Chamberettes, Chamber Choir and Youth Choir sang together in ‘I Know it’s Today’ in which each choir represented Shrek’s Princess Fiona at different stages of her life. It was remarkable to hear the difference between each age group, showing how young voices develop and mature.

When the three choirs came together the effect was electrifying and really summed up what makes the Highfield Choirs so special. In this show we celebrated difference, tolerance and acceptance by coming together and singing as a community. The final songs from Shrek included a whole cast version of ‘Hallelujah ‘and an extremely rousing version of ‘I’m a Believer’.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in making the show such a huge success.
Mrs Andrews, Music Teacher

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