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European Language Day and BBC Music Day

To celebrate both European Language Day and BBC Music Day we held a special singing assembly in the Junior School. Each year group had been working hard to learn a song in a different European language which they performed to the school.


Year 3 began with a rousing rendition of a Latvian folk song called Maza Maza Abeliete. The song involved a lot of very tricky words and we were very lucky to have help with the pronunciation from Latvian speaker Arina in Oak Class. This children's song saves its best till last with the final chorus getting faster and faster and faster!


The Year 5s took to the floor with their spirited version of the Mexican song 'La Bamba' (sung in Spanish). They gave a wonderful performance that transported us to the sunshine and castanet-clicking fiestas of Mexico. Thanks again to Oliver and Miranda who tutored the Year 5 children (and Mrs Andrews) with great patience!


The Year 4 children took us on a trip on a banana boat (not the inflatable kind) with a song called Plynie Statek about a ship laden with bananas. This song is a children's clapping game and although we didn't try the exact game we did do a lot of thigh slapping and hand clapping! Our resident Polish language experts Simon, Zoe and Conrad helped us with some very tricky words.


Finally the Year 6s took to the stage with their rendition of the famous French song 'Alouette'. Morgane guided us through the pronunciation although some of us didn't quite manage to remember not to pronounce the 'z' in 'nez' (nose)! Nonetheless the performance was enthusiastic and fun, and after several repetitions of the chorus we encouraged the rest of the school to join in.


Singing has the ability to bring people together and this was an incredible way to celebrate some of the many languages that are spoken by our children at Highfield.

Mrs Andrews, Music Teacher

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