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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Morris, Headteacher

Miss Philpott, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Taylor, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Williamson, SENCO

Teaching Staff

Year 3


Ash Class, Mrs Alders

Oak Class, Mr Tait, Mrs Silk

Elm Class, Mrs Silk, Miss O’Brien


Teaching Assistants

Ash Class, Mrs Cooper

Oak Class, Mrs Georgiadis, Mrs Robinson

Elm Class, Mrs Iyer


Year 4


Plum Class, Miss Cosburn, Mrs Lowth

Birch Class, Miss Poole

Lime Class, Miss O'Prey, Lower School Lead


Teaching Assistants

Plum Class, Mrs Kristianson

Birch Class, Mrs Tiffin 

Lime Class, Mrs Toomey


Year 5


Rowan Class, Miss Coston

Beech Class, Miss Blunt

Hazel Class, Miss Holloway


Teaching Assistants

Rowan Class, Mrs Kiszegi

Beech Class, Mrs Allison/Mrs Hart

Hazel Class, Mrs Wedge


Year 6
Chestnut Class. Mr Andrews, Upper School Lead
Sycamore Class, Mrs Cooper/Mr Taylor

Rowan Class, Mrs Haynes


Teaching Assistants

Chestnut Class, Mrs Kelly

Sycamore Class, Mrs Bagnall

Hawthorn Class, Mrs Danaher 

Other Teaching Staff

Mr     Ayres         Teacher (Sports)

Mrs   Debov        MFL and Internationalism Teacher

Mrs   Andrews    Music Teacher


Mrs   Jarvis         Teaching Assistant
Mrs   Hill            Teaching Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs   Jackson, School Business Manager

Mr     Buckle, Site Manager

Mrs   Rushmere, Family Worker

Mrs   Colebrook Taylor, Administrative Officer

Mrs   Kavanagh, Administrative Assistant


Mrs   Braybrook, Lunchtime Co-ordinator

Mrs   Iyer, Midday Supervisor
Mrs   Wedge, Midday Supervisor

Ms    Kristiansen, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Yeates, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Aitken, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Naughton, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Kiszegi, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Gourd, Midday Supervisor

Mrs   Kelly, Midday Supervisor

Some Staff Portraits - Meet Some of Our Staff!

Teaching Assistants

Support Staff

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  • South Hill Road,
  • Shortlands,
  • Bromley,
  • Kent,
  • BR2 0RL,
  • 0208 460 25 97