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At Film Club we eat freshly made popcorn each week.  If you want to make the best sweet & salty popcorn for your own Friday night home cinema here’s how you do it.


  1. Heat a pan (it has to have a lid and a fairly thick bottom).
  2. Pour in 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil.
  3. Once hot, pour in half a cup of corn kernels, stir briefly to coat the kernels in oil and then close the lid firmly.
  4. Keep the heat on high until you can hear the corn popping madly against the lid. At this point, turn the heat down a bit and put the lid slightly ajar to let out steam to prevent soggy popcorn.
  5. Once the corn has stopped popping you can pour your popcorn in a bowl and make another batch.
  6. You can also put the popcorn in a clean plastic bag and sprinkle salt or sugar over the top. Then close the bag and give it a good shake.
  7. Et voila! Your own Film Club Popcorn!


Remember to ask an adult to support you with this as the pan gets very hot and the steam can also cause burns.

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