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Special Guests

From time to time we invite special guests to the school.  Film marketing professional Ben Parker has taught us how to create effective film posters.  He asked our members to help him design a poster for the Atlantis TV show that he was working on. Freddie Andrews was the lucky winner of this competition and saw his creation being transformed into a real life Film Poster!

We have also welcomed Hollywood Film Editor Mark Solomon who edited famous films such as ‘Chicken Run’, ‘Frankenweenie’, ‘Shark Tale’ and many others.  He talked to us about the art of film editing but also about his own childhood and how he was able to turn his love for drama and theatre into a successful career in the film industry.  We worked on our understanding of how stories are created and made our own storyboards using a handful of different pictures.  It is amazing how different our stories all were despite using the same images as building blocks!


We have had an exploration of early cinema with Film and Media teacher Mike Savill from Langley Boys School.   Mike treated us to a very entertaining stroll through the beginnings of film and we watched one of the most famous early films: ‘A Trip to the Moon’ by Georges Melies.  We then created our own first ‘moving images’ in the form of flipbooks.  Have a go at home, it is great to see how easy it is to make a figure move on the paper! You can find inspiration by clicking the links below.


We have also invited Nick James, the editor of the prestigious film magazine ‘Sight & Sound’ to share some trade secrets and teach us how to write reviews that will wow the audience.

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