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Winter Writing Challenge 2020

You may not instantly recognise his name but you will undoubtedly have heard some of his words. Jamie Hartman is responsible for writing lyrics for some of the most popular musicians in the world, in particular, Celeste (the singer of 'Give a little Love' from the John Lewis Christmas advert). 

Well, now he has also written words for our winners of the Winter Writing Challenge based upon the song he helped to write:‚Äč


Well done to all of the children on their work - not just these great winning entries but to all of the children for doing their best.

Seeing and reading them and looking at the wonderful pictures is heart-warming and reminds me of how important it is to appreciate the message in the song and the lyrics.

I’d like to congratulate Toby on his story and his great illustrations. The hawk is great!

Well done Sophie - you understood and really listened to the message of the advert and made it your own.

Hawwa! Well done to you too - what could be more magical than the smell of cookies! ;)

Elisse I really loved the story of the little girl giving that one last chocolate to her new and sad neighbour. It obviously made his Christmas. Beautiful.

Michael has a lovely turn of phrase and the story flows beautifully. He makes it exciting - but reminds us of the overall message. Well written!

Vivaan’s poem, I have to say, shows a talent beyond his years. This is quite special. I would encourage him to continue to write poems as I believe it will bring joy to him and also to other people. Seriously impressed.

Eshan sounds like a songwriter in the making to me! These could be verses from a song! Keep going Eshan! Love that final line ;)

Lastly Trisha. Trisha’s story is definitely a tearjerker. With an eleventh hour moment of hope. That is sometimes the way of the world. When it seems dark, there is a final glimmer of hope. But that glimmer is all we need. Give a little love is one message. But here is another one. If you feel sad or you need a friend - the bravest thing to do is to tell someone exactly that. They will often surprise you and bring love into your world when you need it the most. That I know for sure. Well done for your brave and touching story.

Well done to you all and thank you for sharing these special creations. 



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