Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Morris Headteacher
Mrs N Williamson Deputy Headteacher and SENDco
Mr A Taylor Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Jackson School Business Manager
Miss J Philpott School Project Lead

Highfield Infants' Teaching Staff

Class Teacher Teaching Support
Hedgehog (Reception) Miss L Rowland Mrs K Martin and Miss E Cooper
Squirrel (Reception) Mrs C Rydell and Mrs V Denbow Miss S Osman
Mouse (Reception) Miss K Stevens Mrs J Dowie and Miss E Cooper
Otter (Year 1) Ms C McKenzie Mrs M Oliver
Rabbit (Year 1) Miss E Rowley Mrs M Lipscomb and Mrs J Lawson
Owl (Year 1) Mrs C Carter Mrs N Bailey
Badger (Year 2) Mr R Picozzi Mrs S King
Deer (Year 2) Miss K Tidder Mrs D Hassan
Fox (Year 2) Miss E Hancock Mrs S Brocklehurst


Highfield Junior Teaching Staff

Class Teacher Teaching Support
Ash (Year 3) Miss F Poultney Mrs J Cooper
Oak (Year 3) Miss S Coston Mrs M Iyer
Elm (Year 3) Miss E Williamson Mrs Z Toomey
Plum (Year 4) Mrs S Haynes Mrs E Tebbutt
Birch (Year 4) Mrs H Cooper / Mrs H Silk Miss L Kelly
Lime (Year 4) Miss S Sheldon Mrs K Mercer and Mrs K Capell (ISA)
Rowan (Year 5) Miss J Poole Mrs C Martin
Beech (Year 5) R Holloway Mrs S Wedge and Mrs B Patel (ISA)
Hazel (Year 5) Mrs R Alders Mrs V Bagnall
Chestnut (Year 6) Mr S Andrews Mrs H Emly and Mrs C Hill (ISA)
Sycamore (Year 6) Miss S O'Brien / Miss S Wong Mrs L Merrett and Mrs I Bulat (ISA)
Hawthorn (Year 6) Miss P Blunt Mr S Williams


Specialist Provision (Whole School)

Physical Education Mr T Ayres
MFL & Internationalism Mdm Debov
Music Mr R Morgan
Forest School Mrs D Taylor
Pupil Support Worker Mrs S Powell


Lunchtime Supervision

Highfield Infants Highfield Junior
Mrs M Adamuccio Mrs E Aitken
Mrs H Ashford Mrs I Bulat
Mrs N Bailey Mrs K Capell
Mrs J Bates Mr S Williams
Mrs M Brandao Montero Miss L Kelly
Mrs C Kara Mrs L Merrett
Mrs S King Mrs M Iyer
Mrs M Lipscomb Mrs C Naughton
Mrs E Nicholls Mrs B Patel
Mrs M Oliver Mrs M Ryan
Mrs M Ridout Mrs S Wedge

Site and Administrative Support

Site Team Office Team
Mr R Buckle (Multi-Hub Premises Lead) Mrs A Kavanagh
Mr G Plummer (Caretaker) Mrs L Stobart
  Mrs D Cullen


Stars Club (Before and After School Club)

Mrs D Hassan Stars Club Manager
Mrs M Ridout Deputy Manager
Mrs H Ashford Stars Club Administrator
Support Staff  
Mrs M Adamuccio Mrs J Bates
Mrs L Chest Mrs E Aitken
Mrs S King Mrs E Nicholls